Crab Cookbook

There's something about crab that makes any dish decadent-- whether in a rustic, weeknight pasta or atop a cocktail party hors d'oeuvre. And no matter the species, those sweet hunks of crabmeat always taste like pure indulgence. Along the Pacific, Dungeness crab is most popular, and with crab season extending from November in San Francisco through early fall in Alaska, locals and tourists alike can be found at crab feasts and festivals nearly year-round. Packed with ideas for enjoying this most succulent crustacean, CRAB offers new inspiration for making the ultimate crab cakes, crab chowder, crab Louis, and more.

A complete guide to buying, cleaning, preparing, and eat- ing crab, featuring 35 recipes and a primer on crab culture and lore. Includes 30 location and styled food photos. Versatile recipes provide crab weight and volume measures, so that any type of crabmeat--whether it's from a Dungeness, blue, Alaska snow, or other native crab--can be substituted.

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